Electric Toothbrush vs Sonic Toothbrush: Which is Best?

Brushing your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes - making sure to thoroughly brush all surfaces of your teeth, sounds easy enough to do. Studies have shown that we mere humans simply miss certain spots, angles, and corners of our teeth when we brush.

Our mighty human arms, wrists, and hands can only generate 300 strokes per minute and cannot reach all the hard to clean places. Making sure to brush all the surfaces of your teeth at very high strokes or brushes per minute is the main benefit of sonic and electric toothbrushes.

Both electric and sonic toothbrushes are an amazing, do-it-yourself method of keeping your teeth whiter. Teeth whitening techniques come in all forms.

Many people simply overlook just how important regular brushing is for combatting yellow or discoloured teeth. Another benefit of a sonic or electric toothbrush is that they generate high strokes per minute consistently.

Manual brushers can sometimes speed up their toothbrushes to 300 strokes per minute - but are often focused on that versus cleaning all surfaces of their teeth and often miss cleaning areas.

Sonic and electric toothbrushes are much easier to handle than manual ones. They require much less effort, navigating the angles and surfaces that only your teeth have. Rather than performing the brushing motion on your own, sonic and electric toothbrushes do it all for you!

All you need to do is simply guide the brush along all the surfaces and grooves of your teeth.

One of the greatest fears of prospective electric or sonic toothbrush users is that they are afraid they might over brush and damage their teeth. Never fear!

sonic toothbrush vs electric toothbrush

Here are some built in protective measures that most sonic and electric toothbrushes have built in:

  • A single 2 minute shut off
  • Pressure sensors monitoring how hard you are brushing
  • Brush head replacement reminders
  • Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to monitor brushing and oral health
  • Deep cleaning, whitening , tongue cleaning, and sensitive teeth modes
  • 30 second alerts alerting you when it is time to move onto a new area of your teeth
Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic and electric toothbrushes usually have much smaller oscillating (spinning) heads that makes it much easier to reach the hard to get to surfaces in your teeth.

We have all experienced feeling like our teeth are not 100% clean, even after a “thorough” manual brush. The benefits of sonic and electric brushes are that they always ensure that you thoroughly brush your teeth.

Again, the first line of defense when it comes to teeth whitening, is proper brushing.

What are the differences between a sonic toothbrush and an electric one?

The main “difference” (besides pricing) between the two is the rotation speed or rate of the heads of the respective toothbrushes.

Manual toothbrushes rotate at 300 strokes per minute Electric toothbrushes rotate at 2,500 to 7,000 strokes per minute Sonic toothbrushes rotate at 30,000 strokes per minute.

Another amazing benefit that a sonic toothbrush provides is what we call “fluid dynamics”. Essentially, the sonic toothbrush can brush at such high speeds that they agitate fluids in the mouth.

Water, saliva, and toothpaste all mix to create agents that can reach places brushes cannot access - between teeth and under the gumline.

“In a six-month study that compared the effectiveness of Sonicare sonic toothbrushes and Oral-B electric toothbrushes in improving oral health in adult periodontitis patients, users of both toothbrush types saw improvements in their overall oral health, but the sonic toothbrush proved significantly more successful at removing plaque, reducing gingivitis, and improving tooth and gum health.”

Healthy white teeth are a right. We cannot always control how straight our teeth will grow or in which crazy direction, but we all can make sure our teeth stay healthy and white. As in all personal hygiene, teeth brushing is a choice.

Which type of brush you use is secondary to actually brushing 3-4 times a day for the required 2 minutes. If the thought of a hi-tech sonic toothbrush will make you brush more - buy one! (It's an easy, practical investment in teeth whitening.